Rio Peligroso: A Day in the Life of a Legendary Coyote

Follows the antics of Julio “The Pepper” Chavez, an honest-to-goodness “coyote” working in a tiny, dilapidated South Texas border town. A self-proclaimed legend, The Pepper prides himself in giving the gift of freedom by ushering immigrants into the United States.

Go on a hilarious journey with one of Texas’ most notorious smugglers, “The Pepper.” A fantastically fun and irreverent comedy that will have you quoting lines for weeks.

  • Movie's Askew 2004

“If you don’t laugh out loud at least twice during this flick, there’s something wrong with you. This is some antic, hysterical stuff.” – Kevin Smith, director, Clerks, Chasing Amy

“A goofy, outrageous satire…Meeks gleefully apes it up as Julio, an ego-filled hombre with a penchant for tall tales, personal hygiene, and the occasional senorita.” – Film Threat

“Only in the unfettered world of guerilla filmmaking are films like “Rio” possible. Funny, uninhibited, and gleefully profane.” – Kim Henkel, co-writer, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre